Essential Oils for the Mothering Journey

The journey to and through motherhood can be a stressful and arduous one. Our hopes and dreams for this process can be muddied by the medical realities we face. And the unintended consequences can be stressful!

Stress is such a dangerous substance! It seeps through our every cell and oozes out our pores.

We all have stress!

But when we’re pregnant, stress is even more poisonous to our systems – and our babies! We must absolutely squash it to move forward to healthy outcome; the birth of a new, abundant life.


When I was pregnant, I’ll be honest, I was incredibly stressed. There was so much going on, so much uncertainty, just the overwhelming realities of modern life for a working woman.

I tried mentally cooling down, reading, relaxing baths, hikes in the woods, and prenatal yoga. But it wasn’t until my 1st class on pregnancy and oils that I found another answer!

Geranium, Clary Sage, and Lavender all blew my socks off. They saved our lives during that transformational period in my life from a woman to a mother. These oils grounded me and kept me calm through the last, culminating weeks of crafting my baby’s heartbeats.

They even steadied me in the birthing room – and my family – and the nurses as I diffused a calming essential oil blend through my journey to finally bring Virginia Grace into the world.

The other unsung heroes of my pregnancy were lavender and geranium.

Lavender in a homemade bath scrub, bath soak, and lotion helped keep my skin supple. After a visit to the dermatologist yielded a verdict of “If your mom and grandma had stretch marks, you will too – it’s genetic.” I had little hope of preventing the same mapping of my travels through pregnancy girth on my tummy.

But I did prevent it – I believe it was partly the foods I ate and the supplements I took in addition to the healing magic of Lavender for our skin.

The Geranium essential oil in my grapeseed carrier oil kept me from the other “inevitability” my mom endured – tearing while delivering naturally. Every night I used my organic Geranium oil with grapeseed oil for perineum massage.

On the day of delivery, my midwife used a rag doused in Geranium to press my perineum and provide additional support in preventing tearing.

Again, I escaped with my skin intact.

These are just a few of the miracles I experienced during my pregnancy because of essential oils – what miracles will you manifest?!

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